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Expert FOSI Consulting             941-312-7636         2015
For an on-time, on-budget Arbortext Editor print/publishing solution, you
need a FOSI stylesheet developer with a 20-year track record of
successful SGML/XML projects, someone experienced with structured
markup, Arbortext Editor,
and printing and publishing. Someone who
understands your formatting requirements and corporate identity
We specialize in formatting SGML/XML with Arbortext Editor and FOSI,
delivering state-of-the-art FOSI stylesheets that are as easy as possible
to maintain.

Authoring FOSIs to format the Edit window display, including authoring
guidelines and real-time error checking

Publishing FOSIs for print/PDF output designed to run at top speed

Modular FOSIs that ensure standardized formatting across multiple

FOSI source edits for Styler when Styler alone isn't enough

PDF creation for Mil Spec documents

We perform the testing necessary to ensure stylesheet quality and avoid showstopper problems that could jeopardize the success of the entire

Experience makes the difference. Get the best for less!
Expert FOSI Consulting for Arbortext
World expert on applied FOSI
FOSI — the right tool for the job

FOSI is for service information.
APP is for magazines.
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